Botanical-Garden-VerticalGardens exist to educate as well as provide enjoyment for their visitors. They are living museums, classrooms, and places of research. Gardens are places to learn through all our senses – smell, touch, sight, taste, hearing – about the biological and ecological processes of plants and how they effect us and our environment.

The California Garden will showcase California’s rich and unique history from its vast number of native plants to its culturally diverse heritage and how it has impacted the land, its plants, its people, and its economy. Using innovative, sustainable, and ecologically friendly technologies throughout the garden, will allow visitors to see and learn, first hand, the benefits for our environment.


Benefits of a Botanical Garden

  • It promotes conservation, environmental sustainability and increases public understanding of the importance of plant diversity.
  • It has an educational component for people of all ages and may be affiliated with other educational facilities in the area.
  • The display component attracts tourists making The Garden and the Sacramento Metropolitan even more of a destination to visit.
  • Botanical gardens are increasingly popular with new urban planning designs, affording sensitive approaches.
  • It provides special therapeutic values, volunteer opportunities, and adds to outdoor activity options available in the community.
  • It is unique and complementary to other public venues, creating a diverse community.
  • It offers a wide variety of horticultural information beneficial to the public.
  • It engages the community by hosting events throughout the year such as meetings, concerts, and many other community exhibitions and events.