Our Vision is a world class, sustainable botanical garden that represents the cultures, environments, and panorama of California.

Our Mission

To establish The California Garden through phased development and community participation.

To invite the world to experience California’s unique mosaic, born of her natural wonder, her innovative people, and her rich cultural heritage.

To provide opportunities for artistic, educational, and cultural enrichment.

To influence the future through visionary use of innovative materials, practices, and environmental conservation.



Earth California Educational Center will provide:

  • Sensory experiences
  • Presentations seminars, and workshops
  • Interactive children’s garden
  • School and Preschool programs (on and off site)
  • Tours, docent and self-led
  • Storytelling
  • Art
  • Gardens and displays
  • Butterfly House
  • Internships


One of the primary focuses of Earth California is to provide a venue for people to learn about conserving California’s resources, sustainable practices, and resource management.  Learning about the rich diversity of California’s plants, geography, environments, climates, and topography, enables people to understand that what they do in one part of the state affects other parts of the state, such as how air currents move through the state trapping pollution from coastal areas against the mountains and the quality of water sent from one area to another affects all.

It is important that people experience firsthand the huge diversity of native California plants, especially those which are endangered.  For how else will they be able to identify and protect them in their natural environment?  In addition to presentations and workshops, Earth California, as well as the greater garden, will employ the most sustainable practices  and technologies possible in order that people may observe them in practice and see how they can be implemented in their homes and businesses.


Earth California will also provide a place where the glory of what makes California special can be celebrated.  From its sheer size, to its geography, to its climates, to its plants, to its people, California is a unique and special place. By learning the history of California, people can begin to take an even greater pride in all that makes California what it is.

From the arrival of the first human to the latest immigrant, all have contributed to the shaping of California. They brought their knowledge, customs, plants, medicine, and determination.  Their history will be brought to life by storytellers of various heritages and representational gardens of their native countries.

A cafe to take a break, relax and enjoy the surroundings will be provided.  An open commons area will provide a beautiful location for celebrations of all types, including weddings, graduations, and community and organizational events.