Each of these gardens follow a particular theme,  Fragrance gardens fill the air with the myriad of scents associated with plants from the sweetest scents to the carrion like odors of some species. Topiaries offer whimsy not found in other gardens.  A white garden is beautiful at night and provides a lovely outdoor wedding venue.

A garden grown for its seed heads and berries is fun and different, while a fall foliage garden offers color of a different sort. Tactile gardens give those visually impaired and others the opportunity to identify and feel the difference in the plants grown here.  Raised gardens provide opportunities for everyone to experience low growing plants up close. Visit the themed gardens and see what else may await you there.


Pictures that Inspire Our Vision

Images will appear throughout the web site that are inspiration for our vision. Plants and elements shown in this section are solely inspirational and are not to be construed as those to be ultimately chosen for the garden.