Display gardens are the “bling” of the garden.  Like beautiful jewelry in a store window, display gardens attract visitors to the garden.  They are the ever changing glitz and glitter of the garden. Prominently positioned within the entrance area of the garden they draw the visitor further in, spreading their beauty along pathways and at strategic locations throughout the premises.

Visitors are drawn to these beautiful gardens and form memories of these areas that they carry with them forever.  Changing throughout the seasons these gardens are always flush with beautiful flowers and foliage. Whether on a breezy spring day, a hot summer afternoon, a crisp fall morning, or a freezing winter holiday night, they are awaiting you in all their glorious magnificence.


Pictures that Inspire Our Vision

Images will appear throughout the web site that are inspiration for our vision. Plants and elements shown in this section are solely inspirational and are not to be construed as those to be ultimately chosen for the garden.