The Children’s Discovery Gardens are an important element in the education of the children visiting the garden.  There are two children’s gardens. One is a hand’s on learning garden where children participate in scheduled learning sessions or take part in “walk in” activities.  Activities here also accommodate children’s tours.  Children learn more about the good and bad of plants.

They learn their uses, including which ones to avoid, how to grow the safe ones, what the good ones taste like, and how make things from them. They learn about the soil and water and what it takes to keep plants happy. They learn to recognize critters that live in the garden and its soil, and which ones are good for the garden and which ones may not be. Planting, harvesting, eating, and generally utilizing plant materials will be learned here.  Sustainable practices are featured and recycled materials projects will be part of the activities presented.

The other Children’s Discovery Garden is primarily a play garden with environmentally designed learning playground areas.  With direct access from the parking area, this learning garden is used for play, children’s parties, storytelling, and other children’s events.


Pictures that Inspire Our Vision

Images will appear throughout the web site that are inspiration for our vision. Plants and elements shown in this section are solely inspirational and are not to be construed as those to be ultimately chosen for the garden.