The California environments portion of the garden allows you to walk from the Oregon border to Mexico through a replicated example of the flora California.  Moving from the redwoods and birches of the northern state, through the coast chaparral and central valleys, the foothills and the magnificent Giant Sequoias, to the coastal mountains, tropical areas and deserts of the south, the visitor experiences California’s world renown environmental diversity.

Micro climates will be developed to sustain as many representative plants as possible.  Interspersed thoughout the walk, indigence people’s habitats as they existed before settlers arrived, are a major element of the area.  These California Native. American habitat areas offer story tellers and examples of the lifestyle of early California.


Pictures that Inspire Our Vision

Images will appear throughout the web site that are inspiration for our vision. Plants and elements shown in this section are solely inspirational and are not to be construed as those to be ultimately chosen for the garden.