Experience California agriculture, an integral part of the State’s history and economy.  Smell the citrus. Admire the almond and apple blossoms in the spring.  See baby pears on the trees and the many colors of lettuce in a field.  See wine and table grapes up close and learn how raisins are made. Learn where our crops come from and which cultures have brought plants and methodologies that contribute significantly to this state’s agriculture and the produce and products the state is known for.

Learn the principles of organic gardening and see how California feeds the world and leads the nation in organic food production.  Smell the newly tilled earth, and see the beautiful cotton blossoms.  See it, smell it, taste it, feel it.  Let Agriculture in The California Garden delight your senses while learning how it came to be such an important part of our states heritage.


Pictures that Inspire Our Vision

Images will appear throughout the web site that are inspiration for our vision. Plants and elements shown in this section are solely inspirational and are not to be construed as those to be ultimately chosen for the garden.