Our Vision is a world class, sustainable botanical garden that represents the cultures, environments, and panorama of California.

Our Mission
To establish The California Garden through phased development and community participation.

To invite the world to experience California’s unique mosaic, born of her natural wonder, her innovative people, and her rich cultural heritage. [More…]



Sustainability Plan

Sustainability has become a term of many meanings over the past few years.   When we say that sustainability will be the foundation on which we create this garden several things can come to mind.  For each individual the image may be unique to their own knowledge and experience. The word sustainability comes from the Latin wordsustinere, “tenere”- meaning to hold [More…]


Why a Garden?

Gardens exist to educate as well as provide enjoyment for their visitors. They are living museums, classrooms, and places of research. Gardens are places to learn through all our senses – smell, touch, sight, taste, hearing – about the biological and ecological processes of plants and how they effect us and our environment. The California Garden will showcase [More…]